V Rising: How To Play Solo Complete Guide

Start your Solo journey the right way!

V Rising: How To Play Solo Complete Guide

V Rising is an ARPG that is set in a world that has Vampires. You can find the game on Steam. The game looks pretty impressive and has a lot of content to keep you busy for a long time. You can play V Rising with other players or you can play Solo if you wish. This guide will tell you how to start playing as Solo. Keep reading to learn more!

Complete Guide On How To Play Solo

If you have decided to play the game Solo then you must start your game correctly with the right settings so you do not have any trouble later on. The first thing to do when you load your game is click on PLAY in the Main Menu.

Game Mode

This will bring the Game Mode menu which is shown in the image down below. What you need to select here is Private Game.

Game Mode
Click on Private Game.

Afterwards, enter a Game Name for your server and also set up a Password. Make sure the Password you choose is not generic or too easy as it will enable other players to join your game


After you are done with the Game Name and Password, you need to select a difficulty from among the three options: Relaxed, Normal or Brutal. I suggest you go with Normal for now as it is the most balanced difficulty setting.

But in the event that you find the game too easy or too hard then you can easily change the difficulty setting from the main menu.

Advanced Game Settings

Once you do all that stuff, click on Advanced Game Settings. It will bring up another menu. At the bottom of this menu, there is an option called Select Ruleset, click on that.

Click on Select Ruleset.

It will bring up the Game Settings Ruleset menu. In this menu, click on Standard PvE Rules and then click on Load. This will load up the best settings for playing the game as a Solo player.

Standard PvE
Select Standard PvE Rules and then click on Load.

Other Settings

There are also a couple of other settings which you can change to make your game better if you wish in the Advanced Game Settings. They are as follow:

Only Solo Play

This is a toggle setting that is on the first page at the top. If you want to play the game solo forever then toggle this setting on. But if you think you will play with your friends later on then leave this setting off.

Teleport Bound Items

Scroll down and you will find a toggle setting called Teleport Bound Items. Turn this setting off as it will allow you to easily bring stuff back to base by using Waygates.

Day Length

This is a setting below the Teleport Bound Items toggle, this allows you to change the duration of the Day time which means how long will the Sun stay up there.

If you haven’t played this game before then you should know that the Sun is your enemy, during the daytime you will eventually get on fire and start to take damage. So you can lower the time the day lasts by using this setting.

Item Multiplier

In the next page, change the values of Servant Hunt Multiplier and Material Yield Multiplier to 1.25. This will help you get a little more materials hunts and harvesting.

After you are done with all the settings, simply click on Start New Game and that is it!

And this also completes this guide, I hope it helped you out. Now that you are done with this guide, I suggest you give this a quick read: V Rising: Complete Progression Guide (Solos & Duos). It will help you progress faster in the game.


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