V Rising 1.0: Best Base Locations Guide

Where should you set up your castles in the game?

V Rising finally got out of early access, and tons of new additions were implemented in the game, including some things that make certain base spots more appealing. In this guide, we’ll help you decide where to set up in the game’s full launch version!

Best Base Locations Guide

Before we begin, if you’re new to the game, you should know that you will struggle to find a spot if you enter a server that’s already populated. Most of the popular spots are already going to be red on your map, and sometimes they aren’t even occupied by active players, unfortunately.

Because of this, you should consider picking a fresh server or host your own game if you only care about playing single player or with a small group.

The good thing about this game is, you can build a waygate at home to fast travel almost anywhere significant, so base spots are typically a non-issue. With that said, here are some ideal spots in each region, assuming they’re still unoccupied.

NOTE: My group mainly only plays on PVE servers (with resource teleporting allowed), so I cannot give you reliable anti-raiding advice. The general rule of thumb based on my limited experience with PVP is to just pick a spot with one entrance.

V Rising map showing some claimed bases (red), waygates, and incursions

Farbane Woods (Early Game)

During the early game phases, you will mostly be relying on wolf form to get around, so being close to certain resources can be beneficial. For starters, bases near the border between Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands can be pretty cozy.

The spots in the red squares in the image below will place you within a short walking distance to various bosses, copper, and at least three waygates that will help you fast travel to the southern parts of the region.

The twin bases right on top of the “Farbane Woods” text in the map is also viable, but is often already occupied due to being in close proximity of useful cave passages.

The plots at the blue square are also pretty decent, albeit not a central location. These will still place you close to a waygate, some copper nodes, and put you near Clive the Firestarter and a source of sulphur.

V Rising map showing some good base spots in farbane woods

Dunley Farmlands (Early / Mid Game)

The Dunley Farmlands, as a central part of the map, makes it very versatile. Almost every single plot in this area is good as it gives you easy access to other regions and essential mid game resources.

In my opinion, just pick whichever plot is still available up here and set up camp there if you so desire. Almost every POI that’s worth visiting in this region can easily be accessed through the waygates, and you likely have horses by now.

If you want one suggestion, my group’s favorite spot is in the southwest corner. We actually set up here right from the start when joining a fresh server to gain immediate access to horses from the track right beside it. It’s not the best, but it is a somewhat viable starting option due to the nearby waygate.

V Rising map showing our favorite spot in dunley farmlands

Gloomrot (Late Game)

Personally, I would recommend skipping Cursed Forest and setting up right at Gloomrot once you’re ready for the far north regions. You’ll be close enough to the forest anyway, and it will be a decent central location for when you need to go to Silverlight Hills or the Ruins of Mortium.

The marked spots in the map image below are decent locations as they are close to several important POIs and give you quick and easy paths to enter adjacent regions.

If you are playing on a server with resource teleportation allowed, I would recommend a Gloomrot base instead of one at Silverlight Hills too, since you’ll be able to fast travel after a silver mining run. Also, the plots there are typically occupied already unless you’re on a new server.

V Rising map showing base spots in gloomrot

Some Closing Thoughts

Unless you are playing with restricted teleports, which isn’t usually the case for non-official PVE servers, pretty much any spot can be viable due to the ability to make a waygate at home.

For the most part, if you are trying to be very efficient, just pick an available plot that is close to multiple points of interest. By the later stages of the game, you’ll have your own undead horse and bat form, making traveling a largely trivial issue.

And those are some of our recommendations for where to set up your castles in the game. While you’re here, if you are a returning player from the early access days, check out our guide on all of the notable changes in V Rising’s 1.0 update to get up to speed with all the new stuff!


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