V Rising 1.0: Best Blood Farming Guide

We are born of the blood, made men by the blood, undone by the blood.

V Rising 1.0 is finally here and the best Blood farming methods haven’t changed much from what most players know. Nonetheless, it’s important to let the newbies know!

Farming Blood in this game primarily consists of capturing prisoners that fit your criteria, and then keeping them alive in your castle. Keep them healthy and they’ll be an endless food bank for your vampire.

In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know to farm the best quality Blood in the most efficient ways possible.

Best Blood Farming Guide for V Rising 1.0

Starting Up and Requirements

Prerequisites | V Rising 1.0: Best Blood Farming Guide

Before you start properly diving into farming Blood, you’d best make sure that you have progressed enough in the game. You’ll need a few prerequisites first! Make sure that you unlock the following things first of all:

  • Blood Hunger – Allows you to see the Blood Quality of nearby NPCs. Unlocks when you slay the Level 44 V Blood boss, Tristan the Vampire Hunter.
  • Dominate Human – Lets you mindbreak humans and turn them into your servants. You’ll get this once you complete the Servants quest, which you get naturally as you advance your castle.
  • Prison Cell – A unique building that allows you to trap dominated humans within your castle. Unlocks when you slay the Level 44 V Blood boss, Vincent the Frostbringer.

This will allow you to capture humans and imprison them. You can then farm their Blood easily from inside your castle!

A finished blood farming prison

Creature Blood Type can also be farmed like this if you capture werewolves while they’re still in human form. However, Mutant and Draculin Blood Types can’t be farmed like this. The only way to farm those Blood Types is to hunt them down in the open world, which we’ll cover later in this guide.

Either way, get all of these unlocks, and then make sure to build a few Prison Cells within your castle. You’ll need at least 5 Prison Cells to have every human-farmable Blood Type in your castle.

SIDE NOTE: We also have a guide which covers farming Mutant Grease, make sure to check it out as well!

Capturing Prisoners and Understanding Blood Quality 

Blood Hunger activated

With the unlocks and Prison Cells set up, you now simply need to hunt down humans that have the Blood Type and Blood Quality you desire. Dominate them and imprison them! Now, Blood Quality is entirely random. It can go up to 100%, which is the best Blood to consume, but it’s extremely rare.

However, higher-level enemies are more likely to have high-quality Blood. Keep this in mind when you hunt! To see what Blood Quality an NPC has, you simply need to activate your Blood Hunger ability. This will make a number appear above the NPCs’ heads, denoting their Blood Quality.

Subduing a human

Once you find a suitable target that matches your preferred Blood Quality and Blood Type, you should simply weaken them and then cast Dominate Human. This will turn them into your servants, which allows you to bring them back to your castle and put them inside a Prison Cell. Do be careful not to get them killed while you walk them back to your castle, though.

Dusk Caller item

Ideally, you could craft Dusk Caller items at your Alchemy Table. These consumables allow you to instantly teleport a dominated human into an empty Prison Cell, so you won’t have to manually escort them to the castle.

You can unlock the recipe for Dusk Callers by defeating the Level 47 V Blood boss, Leandra the Shadow Priestess. It costs 4 Scourgestones and 60 Hell’s Clarions to make 1 Dusk Caller.

Example of an imprisoned human

Once you manage to imprison your chosen human, you can now harvest them for Blood. Basically, you’ll have a potentially infinite Blood farm right in your castle! We’ll detail the details of the Blood farming process more later in this guide, but let’s first go over where to find all Blood Types.

Where to Get all Blood Types in V Rising 1.0

Blood Type Locations | V Rising 1.0: Best Blood Farming Guide
  • Worker Blood – Humans with this blood type can be found all over Farbane Woods and the Dunley Farmlands. If you’re late into the game, Gloomrot North is your best bet for higher-quality Blood.
  • Rogue Blood – Rogue Humans are basically everywhere. They are most common in the Bastion of Dunley (Dunley Farmlands), Brighthaven (Silverlight Hills), and Rustlock Village (Gloomrot South)
  • Warrior Blood – Warriors can be found all over the world, and they share the same areas as Rogues.
  • Scholar Blood – These smartypants are much less common than other humans. The best spots to hunt them are all in the Dunley Farmlands region: Dunley Monastery, Mosswick Village, and Dawnbreak Village.
  • Brute Blood – Generally speaking, they inhabit the same areas as Rogues and Warriors. They seem to be most common in Brighthaven (Silverlight Hills) and all the mines around the map.
Example of a caught Werewolf
  • Creature Blood – You mostly get this from beasts, which you can’t capture. However, you can farm it easily by capturing the werewolves in Gracefall Village (Dunley Farmlands) while they are in human form.
    • Dominating and capturing a werewolf in its human form will allow you to farm it for Creature Blood at night!
  • Mutant Blood – Exclusive to Mutant enemies, which can’t be captured. These enemies are common in Gloomrot, especially around the Pools of Rebirth, making that the best farming spot for them.
  • Draculin – Exclusive to the new Dracula’s Legion enemies, which can’t be captured. Extremely common all over the Hallowed Mountains region.

Remember, every Blood Type gives different benefits! If you’re unsure of which one is best for you, check out our guide covering all the Blood Type effects!

Leeching Off Prisoners and Keeping Them Alive

Blood Potion option

Now, at long last, you should have a few prisoners of your preferred Blood Type to start farming. All you really need to do is approach the prisoner you wish to get Blood from and click on them. Then choose to get a Blood Potion from them. This will deal between 30% to 60% of their HP as damage to them and increase their Misery by 10% to 20%. However, it will also result in a full bottle of their Blood which you can drink up!

Blood Merlot option

Alternatively, you can choose to get a Blood Merlot instead, which has a lower impact on their Health and Misery. However, you’ll require Sacred Grapes to get Blood Merlots instead of Blood Potions. You can farm Sacred Grapes in Brighthaven.

Prisoner's Misery stat

The important thing to keep track of here is your prisoner’s Misery, as it can lead to their death. Prisoners with higher Misery will take more damage when you get a Blood Potion from them, which can result in death at high Misery levels. To keep their Misery in check, simply choose to feed them with a good quality food item.

Example of the Feed Prisoner options

The better the food is, the more their Misery will lower. At the very least, we recommend feeding them Fierce Stingers, which are one of the most common fish types across all zones. Fierce Stingers heal 20-30% of their HP and reduce Misery by 5-10%.

In short, you simply need to keep feeding your prisoners to keep them alive. This will allow you to farm them for Blood indefinitely. 

It’s particularly useful if you manage to capture a rare 100% Blood Quality NPC. But there you have it, now you know the best way to start farming blood in V Rising 1.0. Now it’s just time to drink. Bottoms up, pal! Up next, why not check out our detailed guide on how to beat Dracula in V Rising 1.0?


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