V Rising: Incursion Events Explained + How to Get Stygian Shards & Where to Use Them (Update 1.0)

V Rising is back (it never left), and there’s even more new stuff to explore!

With the highly anticipated full release of V Rising finally arriving, there are a ton of new and revamped stuff for both newbies and veterans to explore. Incursion events are one of the new features added with this version of the game, and in this guide, we will try to explain what they are and how to make use of the rewards you get from them.

Incursion Events Explained + How to Get Stygian Shards & Where to Use Them (Update 1.0)

Simply put, rift incursion events are new dynamic PVE engagements that involve killing enemies in specific locations for all sorts of shiny loot. These all occur in the new Ruins of Mortium region.

Before you can participate in these, you should progress through the main questline and unlock the Eye of Mortium to check for rifts in the map.

They are active for a limited time and then start again after around an hour, depending on your server’s settings. You’ll just have to figure out the timer on your own, because it will vary a lot if you aren’t the one hosting.

They come in two different tiers. Orange ones are for players at around the level 50 range, while the red incursions are for those who have reached at least level 80.

V Rising player fighting minions at a rift incursion event

How Do You Complete Them?

At the center of a rift incursion, you will be pointed towards other lesser rifts nearby. You must head to each of these and clear out all of the enemies there. These will drop various bits of loot, including Stygian Shards (more on this later).

Once you have cleared a handful of these lesser rifts, you will have to head back to the center, where a boss will spawn. Depending on the tier of the rift, you may be facing a stronger version of a random V Blood unit.

These bosses drop various useful items, including jewels and ancestral weapons of varying tiers. Red rifts, in particular, will have better rewards, including Greater Stygian Shards.

V Rising player fighting an upgraded version of a boss

What Are Stygian Shards For?

Stygian Shards and their Greater variants can be used to unlock passive abilities, which is another new feature introduced with the game’s full release.

We have a more indepth guide on how to get passive abilities and what they do that will expand on this. Just know that the different tiers of passive abilities will require varying amounts of Stygian Shards.

In addition to that, certain vampire merchants also sell weapon shards at the cost of Stygian Shards. These prices will vary depending on the weapon’s rarity.

Finally, you can also use this resource at a Stygian Summoning Circle. This structure will allow you to summon various monsters that will drop all sorts of loot. This can be useful if you have a surplus of shards that you have no use for anymore.

V Rising player accessing the stygian summoning circle

And that is a quick summary of what these new rift incursions are and what rewards you can get from them. While you’re here, consider checking out our guide on how to deal with difficult bosses in V Rising if you are still relatively new to the game.


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