V Rising: How to Craft Gold Ingots

How to unlock and craft Golden Ingots

If you learned how to get Golden Jewellery you will need to learn how to craft Golden Ingots. They are a necessity in V Rising because of how much you can upgrade your character which makes Gold Ingots vital in this game. Let’s see how to craft it.

How to Craft Gold Ingots – V Rising

First of all to be able to craft this item you will need to take care of a mini-boss. You can get the recipe by killing and extracting the blood of the mini-boss by the name of Willfred the Werewolf Chief to get the Holy Resistance Flask Potions. You will need to build a Blood Altar to be able to track him(you unlock it at the beginning of the game).

With this new unlocked Holy Resistance Potion, you can go ahead and track down Azariel the Sunbringer. This will give you the edge that you need in order to take him down easily.

Once you take him down and extract his blood the recipe will be unlocked. You will have to build a Furnace(probably you have one by now) to craft Gold now. The required ingredients needed for Gold Ingots are:

  • x8 Golden Jewelry 
  • x8 Sulphur

You need to put these items in the left Input table and you will see a timer of 8 minutes start ticking. After it is done the finished Golden Ingot will be waiting for the picking on the Output table.

You can use the Gold Ingots now to embed it into your armor to increase its damage resistance. You can also use it to upgrade your weapons for higher stats and damage. Have fun!


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