V Rising: How To Fill Waterskin Guide

My horses are dying from hunger!

The full release of V Rising is now out with the 1.0 version, which has seemingly changed a lot in the game. These are welcome changes that the developer has made based on feedback during early access. Some of these changes can be a bit confusing for players already used to a particular feature. One of these changes is to the feature where you could fill waterskins. These waterskins would then be used to feed horses and craft potions. However, now, it may seem that players are unable to fill waterskins. Not to worry, we’ll show you the alternative in this guide. Let’s get into it!

How To Fill Waterskin Guide

In previous versions of V Rising, you could obtain filled waterskins pretty easily. The process required you to first obtain an empty waterskin after unlocking the Tannery. After that, all you needed to do was go to a well and fill up the waterskin. These filled waterskins could then be used to feed horses and craft potions. However, you cannot fill waterskins anymore with the V Rising 1.0 update.

So, what about all the potion recipes and horses that need water? Well, each of these aspects has now been changed in an attempt to streamline the V Rising player experience. We’ll dive into how each of them has changed!

Feeding Horses

Starting off, you now longer need to feed horses with filled waterskins in V Rising. The requirement has been completely changed with the 1.0 update. Go to your horse and press the Tab button to open up their Inventory. Here, you’ll see that you now feed horses with plant fiber. Previously, this exact tab would say filled waterskins.

Feeding horses in V Rising.

Plant fiber is very easily accessible as you can get it by simply farming trees and plants. It is a welcome change as having to fill waterskins from wells to feed horses was considered annoying by many V Rising players.

Getting Plant Fibre in V Rising.

Crafting Potions

Similarly, you also needed filled waterskins to be able to make certain potions on the Alchemy bench. However, now you only need to use empty waterskins to be able to craft the same potions. This change has streamlined the potion making process ensuring that you can make them much more efficiently.

Previously, you would have to leave the area and fill the empty waterskin with water from a well. After that, you’d have had to go back all the way again.

Now you just need to have an empty waterskin on hand and you should be good! During your V Rising 1.0 experience you might also come across a stage where you want to relocate your castle. Check out our Castle Relocation Guide for some great tips and tricks!

Making potions with empty waterskin in V Rising.

Making Empty Waterskin

Now that you know that you do not need to fill a waterskin in V Rising, you can simply get an empty waterskin. However, if you’re a new player, you might not be aware about how you can actually get one.

You’ll basically need to progress through the bosses in the game until you reach the Keely The Frost Archer boss. She is the Level 20 boss that you’ll come across in the Southeast as you go through the acts.

Once you defeat her, you’ll get a free empty waterskin alongside access to the Tannery station that you can build.

Keely the Frost Archer boss rewards in V Rising.

After you construct the Tannery, you’ll be able to craft any empty waterskins that you need. The recipe for the empty waterskins are as follows at the Tannery station in V Rising:

  • x4 Thick Leather
  • x10 Plant Fiber.

You’ll be able to make 5 empty waterskins in one go with this recipe.

Crafting empty waterskins in V Rising.

That’s everything you need to know about filling waterskins in V Rising. While this change may be confusing initially, you’ll realize that it does make the game experience much better. During your experience, you’ll also come across various bosses. Check out our Domina The Blade Dancer Boss guide to see how you can defeat her!


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