Wartales: How To Capture Animals

Guide For Capturing Animals In Wartales

Wartales is a game where every resource is precious and it is not easy to earn through fights. Animals can be found as good companions. Yes, in Wartales you can make animals part of your group. Animals can be found on hand at Worthiles and are quite useful.

How To Capture Animals Wartales

Whether it is a wild boar, a pony, or a wolf is quite useful if you manage to catch any of these animals.

To catch animals you need a rope first. You can buy the rope from farmers, buy it in the town or steal it. 

When you get your rope, head yourself to the forest, where you will usually find wildlife.

The tactics to catch any of these animals are simple and quite similar to catching outlaws. 

A bit strange comparison of animals with outlaws but the pattern is the same. The only exception is that you need a rope to catch animals.

When you find the animal you need to reduce its health to just one point and then get closer to it. 

Keep in mind that you will need a shooter or ranger for this, if you do not have a shooter or ranger the method may fail. 

When you approach the animal, a new button will appear that says catch an animal.

This is where the rope comes in handy. Press the button and the mission is successful. 

When you catch the animal you will immediately have it as a companion.

That’s the whole process I hope this guide will be useful to you.

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