Wartales: How To Capture Outlaws

Earn Some Money By Capturing Outlaws

Wartales is a fairly realistic medieval RPG game in which you simply fight for survival. It takes place in 518 after the great plague, and after the great clashes with the crown. You are practically creating your own mercenary group and fighting for position.

How To Capture Outlaws Wartales

Since this is a game in which you survive by gathering resources, hunting, you need to buy equipment and feed your mercenaries, you normally also need money. 

Catching outlaws can be an easy way to make money.

You will need chains first. You can easily buy the chains in the prison. Go to the jail and buy the chains. 

The chains cost 20 kroner and the same prison will pay you 90 crowns for the captured outlaw. 

With that, you will have a profit of 70 crowns. 

Then just find an outlaw. It’s not difficult to find one because they are everywhere on the map. 

When you find an outlaw, damage his health by at least 50% in the fight and then approach him. 

When you are behind him press the knock-out button that appeared on your attack options when you approached the outlaw.

This is how you capture the outlaw, then you just have to take him to the prison and hand him over to the prison. 

That’s all you need to do, this is an easy way to make easy money.

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