Wartales: How To Use Lockpick | Lockpicking Guide

Lockpick the chests in Wartales!

Wartales combines adventure with minigames to make an immersive experience. One of the mechanics of Wartalesa is Lockpicking, which can unlock items and reward you with rare loot. This guide will show you how to use a Lockpick in Wartales. 

How to Craft Lockpicks

Before you can start lockpicking items, you need to craft lockpicks first. You can find lockpicks by looting items or purchasing them. However, the best way to get a lockpick is to craft them in the workshop. 

Click on the Workshop on the camp and press the lockpick blueprint. You will need 1 Iron Ore to craft 1 Lockpick. 

How to Use Lockpick

To use a Lockpick, click on the lock you want to unlock and select the member that will become a thief. To activate the lockpick, you need to press left-click. If you are in the wrong position, you will hear a metallic sound from the lock. 

If you are in the right position, the lockpick will go further inside the lock. There are 3 bolts in a lock and you have to unlock all 3 bolts to get the lock to open. Some lockpicks may break if you do not align them correctly but they are easily replaceable by crafting more lockpicks. 

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