Diablo Immortal: Complete Beginners’ Guide

How to play Diablo Immortal!

We can’t help but be excited about the upcoming Diablo Immortal as the next chapter in the Diablo franchise, especially considering it’s a mobile game, which is totally up our alley. We now know that the crowd’s reaction to the game’s initial announcement was quite unfavorable(maybe because of the mobile thing) but still it is a very fun and engaging game to play. Let’s go over the basics.

Complete Beginners` Guide – Diablo Immortal

Picking a Class

Like every other Diablo game, you will be met with this choice of picking a playable class. This is the first thing you will have to do before you even get to start playing the game. Diablo Immortal has 6 classes that you can go over and choose which suits your playstyle. Whatever you choose means a whole different set of different attributes and a completely different game style.

There are 2 melee classes:

  • Barbarian – full-on physical class
  • Crusader – a mix between physical and magical class

The ranged classes are:

  • Demon Hunter – this is also the physical ranged class
  • Wizard – the magical ranged class

If you want to go something hybrid and something out of the classic ones, go for:

  • Necromancer – this is a magical summoning creatures type of a class
  • Monk – a physical class combined with every interesting combo abilities

Something that all these classes share(unlike the resources in older Diablo games) are the cooldown timers that every class has. You can see them in the bottom right corner(the big circle) and also all of your skills will have cooldown timers depending on their power. There are no resource bars that you will have to manage.


No matter if you’re playing on different devices, the controls are fairly simple and easy to learn. Even on a mobile device, everything is user-friendly. Be sure to enable the 60 FPS mode as it makes the game so much smoother. Not just that, actually those extra frames help you to be better gameplay-wise. Extra frames mean extra attacks and caution you can do while fighting. You can also use controllers on PC and Mobile.

Combat Tips

Taking down enemies is your main objective like every Diablo game. Immortal has 4 different sets of skills that have separate cooldowns(bottom left corner). You choose this from a set of skills that you unlock while going through the game. That big circle is your primary skill. This one usually doesn’t have a cooldown which means you’ll be using it a bunch.

You will have an ultimate that will need to re-charge with time. This usually changes your primary attack and skill and makes you way more powerful. Use it with caution and time it wisely to get the most out of it.

Learn your skills to learn your combat. Certain skills are better when used AoE and a lot of the skills are best when combined. You can go through all sorts of guides on what the best might be.

Depending on your class, you will need to position yourself correctly. Step away from the enemy when needed, and push back to melee when necessary. This comes with playing time really, so just go on and learn your character and his movements.

You will see various orbs when dropped in combat:

  • Red Orb – gives you HP
  • Blue Orb – gives you XP
  • White Orb – gives you movement/attack speed
  • Yellow Orb – gives you electricity
  • Purple Orb – they will refresh all of your cooldowns

Elder Riffs

These are the primary ways of obtaining legendary Gems, Runes, and Fading Embers. They play a huge part in every Diablo game. You can get them from completing random dungeons and they are well worth it. You can see the reward before going into dungeons. You will need to take down the Rift Guardian.

You can enhance the Elder Rifts to make the chances of getting a Rune or Gem drop chance much higher. You will need to use Rare Crest or Legendary ones for this.


This is the biggest and most satisfying thing in Diablo games. It also plays a huge part in Immortal. Whatever you need to do will gain you experience for a level up. The higher you are, the stronger you are and the better equipped you will be to face stronger enemies. As you advance through the game you will see Level Requirements once in a while.

The best way of leveling up is of course the basic, do Rifts, kill enemies, finish quests, bounties, events, codex entries… But the best way before everything is to do Daily Quests. They are also fairly easy to finish as they teleport you to the place you’ll need to be.

Make sure to have a bigger Kill Chain. The larger it is, the more experience you will get.


Your Gear is your bread and butter in Diablo Immortal. You will need to pay very close attention to this detail. Make sure to suit up your character depending on his gear style. You can see different sorts of gear. Sometimes they will have better armor or quality, but they might not have the damage % increase.

Always check the items carefully, even if they have that green arrow that says that it is better than your last gear. It’s not always so.

When it comes to Gear it comes to preference what is up to your choosing. You can check some other guides on what are the best gears for certain styles and classes. Make sure to learn about what each individual stat does:

  • Strength
  • Intelligence
  • Fortitude
  • Vitality
  • Willpower
  • Damage
  • Life

You can also upgrade your gear with Gems to give it an extra touch.


I will just name the most important ones you will come across:

  • Hilts – used to buy Crests and Reforged Stones, Gems, and other materials
  • Eternal Orbs – this is the microtransaction currency
  • Gold – used to upgrade your gear and purchase items from vendors
  • Gems – upgrades
  • Runes – upgrades

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