Diablo Immortal: Wizard Guide | Build & Leveling Guide

How do you build and level up as a Wizard?

Diablo Immortal has a total of 6 classes, and the Wizard is one of them. The Wizard is a ranged class that uses magic and combo skills against enemies. This guide will show you how to build and level up as a Wizard in Diablo Immortal. 

Wizard Guide – Diablo Immortal 

As a Wizard, you will mainly be focusing on casting magic and ranged skills from afar, dealing AoE and consistent damage. However,  you can also build the Wizard like a battle mage for a hybrid range playstyle. 

For your starter build at level 18, you want to take Magic Missle, Scorch, Arcane Wind, Lightning Nova, and Teleport. When you reach Level 38, switch the Lightning Nova for the Black Hole. Lastly, after reaching level 41, switch out Scorch for Meteor. 

Focus on getting Intelligence and Fortitude for your attributes. Make sure to upgrade your equipment every time you go to the blacksmith. 

Gems and Leveling Up

For the gems, prioritize Tourmaline, Sapphire, and Topaz for your normal gems. When you have the best equipment, you can choose between Everlasting Torment,  Lightning Core, and Fervant Fang for your Legendary Gems. 

Focus on doing the Main Quests for your leveling path and advancing your battle pass. Choose the Siphon for your battle pass. For the Paragon Points, invest in the Vanquisher category.

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