DYSMANTLE: How To Get Wood

Scavenge some wood for your base!

Dysmantle is an open-world RPG that focuses on a post-apocalyptic world filled with Zombies. Getting resources can be dangerous but it can also help to build a defense against Zombies. One of the resources you can get in Dysmantle is wood and this guide will help you in collecting Wood in the game.

How to Get Wood

If you try to break down furniture that you see around the map, you will only get Scrap wood and not Wood. However, this does not mean that you cannot use the Scrap Wood you collected from scavenging. 

Once you hit level 21, you can look around for a Sawmill. A Sawmill can turn your Scrap Wood into Wood. 10 Scrap Wood will turn into 1 piece of wood.  You can also use an Axe and destroy Power Poles, lower-tier buildings, and walls of some barns to get Wood. 

How to Use Wood

Wood is important in Dysmantle and most recipes you can use require Wood. You can craft weapons like Throwing Knives, Machete, and a Katana with Wood. You can also craft pieces of equipment like a Cooking Stand, Machete, and an Axe. 

You can also refine 5 pieces of Wood into the Sawmill and turn it into 1 piece of Lumber. 

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