Gray Zone Warfare: Warm Welcome Quest Guide | Mithras

Hunt down the dangerous gang leader!

Warm Welcome is a quest for the Mithras faction in Gray Zone Warfare, tasking them with crushing a gang of criminals in Lamang.

The leader of the gang was sighted somewhere in the Ban Pa area. Simple job: take out the head and the rest of the gang will lose their morale and organization! The thing is, finding the guy is a lot tougher than you would think…

In this guide, we’ll help you find the gang leader at Ban Pa for the Warm Welcome quest.

Warm Welcome | Mithras Faction Quest Guide

Warm Welcome quest location on the map

For the Warm Welcome quest task, you will need to make your way to the village in the Ban Pa area. Its coordinates on the map are Y: 138, X: 205.

The Ban Pa area is also home to a variety of other quests you can do at the same time. For example, there’s “At The Mounds of Madness” and “Shadow Over Ban Pa.”

Anyway, for the Warm Welcome quest, you simply need to find and take out the gang’s leader.The tricky part is that the gang leader is very unassuming. Not even his location is set in stone!

Gang Leader from the front

He likes to patrol around the area, so he might sometimes be standing outside the Ban Pa village itself. Other times, he decides to just stay in one of the houses in the village without moving much.

Gang Leader from the back

His appearance is also fairly indistinct when seen from afar. He’s a tan-skinned man with his hair done in a man bun. For clothing, he wears very standard black pants and a beige vest over a black shirt.

Besides that, you will also have to deal with fighting the other gang members in the area.

Ultimately, the best way to take the gang leader out is simply to take out every gang member you spot!

Gray Zone Warfare promotional shot, ambushing a gang member

Just be careful, as the gang members are all pretty tough customers. You’ll most likely need to move slowly and try to take them out one by one.

To make matters even worse, you might randomly encounter hostile player factions in the area!

All in all, this quest is very simple on paper: you just need to take out the gang leader, and now you know what he looks like. The tough part is finding him and dealing with his squads of underlings…

Nonetheless, now you know everything you need to complete this task in Gray Zone Warfare. We wish you good luck out there, soldier. This is just one of the many quests in the game, and if you want to learn more, check out our guide on all of the tasks for Mithras players in Gray Zone Warfare.


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