Everspace 2: Deserted Mining Station Challenge

A deserted mining station just means more fun for me.

No Man’s Sky and Star Citizen aren’t the only games where you can fly a spaceship in the vast emptiness of space. There are plenty of other games where you can explore space on a ship, and Everspace 2 is one of them.

Everspace 2 is obviously the sequel to the first Everspace, and it focuses more on the ship than the pilot. In this guide, we will show you one of the location challenges that you can do when playing Everspace 2, which is the Deserted Mining Station challenge. 

Deserted Mining Station Challenge – Everspace 2

The challenge you have to do when you arrive at the Deserted Mining Station is to find all four Explosive Charges and place them in the large asteroid.

The problem there is that the four Explosive Charges are currently scattered around the area. They will show up in your compass to make searching for them easy. 

You can actually find one Explosive Charge on the side of this asteroid.

Once you have an Explosive Charge, head to the asteroid and place it on the Detonator Socket.

You will not be able to place the Explosive Charge anywhere else, so you have to manually approach the Detonator Socket until the Explosive Charge sticks to it. After that, you can go find the other charges.

The second Explosive Charge can be found here on the side of the station itself.

However, you will not be able to get the Explosive Charge because it is stuck to a socket. You will need to blast the panel in front of it to reveal the button to release the Explosive Charge.

After the panel has been blown off, shoot the button and the Explosive Charge will be free. Grab it and place it on any socket on the asteroid.

After placing the second Explosive Charge on the asteroid, go back to where you found the second Explosive Charge. Not too far from the second Explosive Charge, you can find a third one hidden behind this blast door. You will need to destroy the blast door and grab it inside.

The last Explosive Charge requires you to use a couple of Power Cores. Grab one and fly to this giant floating mining laser. Place the Power Core in the Power Socket of the mining laser. There should be a couple of other ones floating around, so grab those and place them in the other Power Socket. 

The last Explosive Charge should be behind the Hardened Ore Patch. It’s too tough to break with the ship’s weaponry, which is why you will need the mining laser to do it for you. Once the patch is destroyed, fly in and you should get the last Explosive Charge.

Now once you have all Explosive Charges in their sockets, you will need to approach one detonator and trigger the timer. The timer isn’t for the explosion, but for you to trigger all of the Explosive Charges.

Find all Explosive Charges around the asteroid and interact with them to finally blow up the asteroid, completing the challenge.

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