Everspace 2: Mining Remnants Challenge Guide

The dead don’t need these anymore.

Being in space is incredibly dangerous. Everyone knows that space is incredibly lethal to humans because of the lack of oxygen, which is why we have space suits for that reason. Yet many dreams to go out into space and explore in a spacecraft. I myself am interested in space, but would never travel. I’ve watched plenty of movies where the ship gets destroyed and hundreds of floating dead bodies can be seen. It happens in Everspace 2 as well, minus the dead bodies. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the Mining Remnants challenge.

Mining Remnants Challenge Guide – Everspace 2

Completing this challenge is actually very simple. You will have to fly into the remains of the ship and find the Bulletproof Container.

Loot the said container and when you exit the menu, you will be given the challenge complete prompt.

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