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Everspace 2: Rhodia 2 100% Exploration Guide

Fully explore Rrhodia 2 with this guide.

In Everspace 2, you are able to explore areas that are either abandoned or have some sort of life in them. You can’t get off your ship like in No Man’s Sky or Star Citizen, but that lack of needing to program the movement controls for the pilot means that they can focus on polishing the ship controls instead, and boy is Everspace 2 a great game because of the fluid controls. Sure, it can take some time to get used to, but once you’re ready, then you’ll be able to go around and explore every inch of an area.

Rhodia 2 100% Exploration Guide – Everspace 2

#1 Bulletproof Container

First on the list is a Bulletproof Container located behind this chunk of rock. All you have to do is blast the rock wide open and you can go in and get the Bulletproof Container.

#2 Aetheum Crystal Deposit

From the entrance of the Homebase, you can fly up above it and find an Aetheum Crystal Deposit. They’re not hard to spot due to their colorful nature.

#3 Cloaked Container and Aetheum Crystal Deposit

There is a Cloaked Container located right next to an Aetheum Crystal Deposit.

To find it, simply look out for a shining blue light in the distance. This blue light can be found far from the Homebase.

#4 Aetheum Crystal Deposit and Container

From the entrance of the Homebase, turn around and you will spot another Aetheum Crystal Deposit. It’s easy to spot because it’s located right next to some alien life.

You can also find a Container near the area.

#5 Aetheum Crystal Deposit and Bulletproof Container

Facing the entrance of the Homebase once again, look to your right and you should spot a large asteroid with blue crystals all over it. There, you can get two Aetheum Crystal Deposits.

Also, there is a Bulletproof Container behind this chunk of rock that you can blow up.

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