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Everspace 2: Rhodia Orbit 100% Exploration Guide

Fully explore Rhodia Orbit with this guide.

Each location is full of secrets that you can find. Whether it’s resources or ship parts, you can bet that whatever you find will be valuable. However, these secrets and other items are incredibly hard to find and are easy to miss. This makes sense since you don’t want to make everything easy for the player.

However, you can find them all easily with the help of this simple guide, because this guide will make sure that you are able to find every location that contains something valuable. If this is what you need, then look no further.

Rhodia Orbit 100% Exploration Guide – Everspace 2

#1 Valuable Shipwreck

There is a shipwreck that can be easily spotted from afar. Once you see and approach it, a marker will appear on your HUD that specifies that it is a Valuable Shipwreck.

Here, you can find some containers and such.

#2 Two Bulletproof Containers

There is another shipwreck that contains two Bulletproof Containers. However, they are sealed shut behind a door.

To open it, you will need to transfer an Energy Sphere and place it inside the Energy Sphere Socket that locks the door. Placing the Energy Sphere will open the door, allowing you to claim your loot.

#3 Secure Container

Before you head to the location with a Secure Container, make sure you grab an Energy Sphere. This is important because you will need it to open up a locked door.

Once you have an Energy Sphere, head to this location that has a shield guarding the entrance. You can get rid of the shield by blowing up the Shield Generators on both sides.

Inside, you will find some Containers and an Energy Sphere Socket. Place the Energy Sphere inside and the Secure Container will be revealed.

#4 Valuable Shipwreck

You can find another Valuable Shipwreck by going to this asteroid with a large hole in the middle here. Here, you can find some wreckage of what seemed to be another station. 

Inside, you can find a shield that is still up. Destroy the two Shield Generators that are located on this column and the shield will go down. Inside, you can find the Valuable Shipwreck.

#5 Iron Deposits

Not far from the last Valuable Shipwreck, you can find one Iron Deposit here on the side of the asteroid.

Once you have finished mining the last Iron Deposit, turn around and you should be able to see the marker for the second Iron Deposit in the distance.

#6 Aetheum Crystal Deposits

There are two Aetheum Crystal Deposits located on one large asteroid. It should be easy to spot because of the large shining light that it gives off from the crystals.

Both deposits are on the same asteroid on opposite sides.

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