Everspace 2: Station Debris Challenge – Find The Hidden Stash

Since the dead won’t need this, I’ll take it myself.

Being in space has to be frightening. You are essentially traveling through vast, darkness and your only source of light are the stars that are lighting up the universe. Not only that, but you are traveling in a ship that, going by movies here, can explode if one system fails. Even if you do manage to survive because you got a space suit and are floating in space, how long until the oxygen runs out? Space is scary, but playing games like Everspace 2 doesn’t seem so scary. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the Station Debris challenge.

Station Debris Challenge – Everspace 2

There is a Bulletproof Container hidden behind a locked door. Problem is, there is no power to get it open. To do that, you will need to grab a Power Core.

Fly to this piece of wreckage and place the Power Core in the socket. This will open up the doors that reveal a device that will power the door that is hiding the Bulletproof Container.

To power it, you will need to shoot the device and the door with the Bulletproof Container will open. Grab the contents and the challenge will be complete.

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