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Everspace 2: Union Bridge 100% Exploration Guide

Fully explore Union Bridge with this guide.

Exploring each and every location in Everspace 2 is important in order to get some wonderful resources that will help you upgrade your ship to the max. However, finding them is a challenge, and not everyone has the time to go around each location and explore every corner of the map. Luckily, we live in an age where guides don’t have to be stuck in a magazine that you have to pay for. Now, we have the internet to help us. In this guide, we will show you how to 100% the Union Bridge location.

Union Bridge 100% Exploration Guide – Everspace 2

#1 Secure Container

In the Union Bridge area, you can find a Secure Container near the Trading Outpost.

However, it’s locked behind some shutters that can’t be blasted open. You will need to find an Energy Sphere and place it inside the Energy Sphere Socket. This will open the shutters and you can get the Secure Container inside.

#2 Two Iron Deposits

On the asteroid where the Trading Outpost is, you can find two Iron Deposits. When you are facing the shutter that contained the Secure Container, you can either go down below or to the right side of the asteroid. Both directions will lead you to an Iron Deposit on the asteroid.

#3 Container

This one is located a bit far from the Trading Outpost. When facing the shutter where the Secure Container is, turn around and fly straight. You will see a marker for a floating Container.

This one is hard to find and easy to miss because it’s essentially lost out in space, so you need to have eagle eyes to spot it.

#4 Bulletproof Container

Not far from the last Container, you can find a Bulletproof Container trapped inside an asteroid.

It’s easy to spot this asteroid because the vulnerable rocks are highlighted with an orange glow, which you can destroy to reveal the container.

#5 Two Aetheum Crystal Deposits

Look around for two asteroids, one large and one small. Fly toward it and you will find two Aetheum Crystal Deposits. 

#6 Cargo Drones and Bulletproof Container

From where you are, look at the planet and look for a shipwreck. This shipwreck area will have Cargo Drones and a Bulletproof Container. 

#7 Bulletproof Container

Near the last shipwreck where you found the Cargo Drones, there is a floating wreckage that contains a Bulletproof Container behind a shutter. You will have to blast it open in order to get it open.

#8 Broken Drone

Look around from the last location until you find a red marker.

One of them should be the Broken Drone. It is flying alongside an Outlaw, so you will have to fight both as they will attack you at the same time.

#9 Shipwreck and Bulletproof Container

After defeating the Broken Drone and Outlaw, look around until you spot the Shipwreck marker. Fly towards it and grab all the loot.

You’re not done yet, because there is a Bulletproof Container hidden behind this breakable wall. Blast it open and you will get your rewards.

#10 Iron Deposit

Just above the Bulletproof Container is the last exploration marker on the map, which is an Iron Deposit.

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