Find Freddy Walkthrough | How to Return to Freddy In Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach

Freddy asks you to return to him, but where can you find him?

In the Loading Dock mission, Freddy tells you that you need a higher security level to get out. He then asks you to return to him right away. Use this guide to find Freddy and return to him and continue the story. 

Find Freddy — Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach

After talking to Freddy on the computer, head to the bluish-green door to your right. Recharge your flashlight if you need to and enter the door. Chica will be roaming the hallway so be sure to keep yourself hidden. 

Once she enters the yellow door to the north,  enter the yellow door on the left. After entering, go north and hide in the trash for a while. 

Track Chica’s movements and wait until she leaves the locker room you are hiding in. 

Head north and turn right to the series of lockers. Go south and enter the door to your left. Keep following the pathway until you reach a series of gas tanks. Turn right and you will enter a room filled with towels.

You will see a series of staff bots here. Make a run for the middle entryway. 

After entering the next area, go to your right to enter a much larger area filled with tables and towels. Quietly head north until you reach the blue laundry machines.

Turn right and be careful because there is a Security Bot here.  Wait for the security bot to go to your right and make a run for the left hallway

Enter the blue door at the end to complete your mission.

Now, how’s Freddy doing?

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    • Yeah most of the doors require a S.Pass level 3. But you can go to that room with door that needs security level 3 pass. When you are facing the door on your right you should be able to see a series of blue washing machines. Just follow that then turn left when you see the gap in between the washing machines (there will be two robots here going in a plus pattern). You should be able to find a pathway here that will then lead you to the exit.

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