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Where to Find the Complimentary Pizzaplex Entry Pass: Entry Ticket Location – FNAFSB

Getting to the main lobby should be easy with an entry pass, we just need to get it!

At this point in time, it is certain that in playing this game, you will find yourself in many situations where you will need a pass or you will need to do something to enter a room, or to complete a mission. This mission is one such case.

Entry Ticket Location – Where to Find the Complimentary Pizzaplex Entry Pass

You will need a ticket to enter the main lobby. And lucky for us, it’s quite easy to find it.

When you find yourself in front of the little turnstiles and try to enter the lobby through them, Freddy will tell you that you need a Pizzaplex Entry Pass and you can find it near the main entrance.

From here, turn right and head to the glowing thunderbolts with a sign below that says “GET A COMPLIMENTARY ENTRY PASS”.There should be a stand here with a gift.

If you can’t spot it, search for the parking lot and as you’re facing it, look to your left. You will then easily see the stand. As mentioned, there is a gift on it, containing a complimentary ticket.

Take the ticket and go back to the little turnstiles and with the pass, you will be able to access the lobby.

NOTE: There will be security robots and Chica patrolling the main lobby, so you’ll need to take extra care as you enter the area.

Now, Freddy, where to next?

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