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Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island: All Archery Challenges Locations

Become the Pride of Ishikawa!

Ghost of Tsushima has just received an upgrade, known as a Director’s Cut, that gives the player a whole new island to explore, the Iki Island. The region is full of interesting quests and challenges for the player to enjoy. One of my personal favorites are the Archery Challenges that you can find all over the place. If you’re an archery enthusiast as I am, then you’d probably love to know the exact places you can participate in some good ol’ tournaments!

All Archery Challenges – Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island (Location Guide)

There are, in total, 8 Challenges you can participate in to show your archery skills.

Here is exactly where you can find them:

  1. Raider’s Promontory

    In the Northern part of the map, right on the island over Sentinel’s Peak, you will find one of the first archery challenges.
    Luckily, it will be shown on the map with a white little bow and arrow, as shown in this picture:

  2. Lone Spirit Falls

    The next one can be found West of Fort Sakai, a bit to the right of Lone Spirit Falls.
    Again, you can see the exact location below:

  3. Kidafure Battleground

    A bit to the South of Kidafure Battleground, to the Northwest of Lake Nagata, you will find the next archery challenge.
    You can see it in this image:

  4. Zasho River

    You need to go a bit to the left where you see “Zasho River” written over the map. It’s right to the North of Senjo Gorge.
    As usual, here is the location:

  5. Yahata Forest

    West of Zasho Bay, in the center of Yahata Forest, you will find the 5th archery challenge.

  6. Weeping Mother’s Meadow

    To the Southwest of the Weeping Mother’s Meadow, right on the beach.

  7. Saruiwa

    Right before you reach Saruiwa, to the left. You can see the icon below:

  8. Raider Memorial

    This last one is just South of Buddha’s Footprints.
    For this one you will need to wear Tadayori’s Armor to start the challenge. You can get it by beating a related quest in the main game.

After doing all the challenges, not only will you gain a lot of bonuses for your archery, but you will also gain the Pride of Ishikawa trophy!

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