Gray Zone Warfare: Baked Task Guide

Time to find some evidence on those drug dealers and bring them to light!

Gray Zone Warfare: Baked Task Guide

If you want a game with impressive graphics and realistic combat then Gray Zone Warfare has you covered. It offers a huge open world for you to explore and complete different kinds of quests. It is currently available as Early Access and you can get it from Steam if you wish.

This guide will help you out with the task that is known as Baked. It is also related to another task called Narcotic Bargain. Keep reading to get more information.

Task Guide of Baked

The main objective of this task is for you to infiltrate the Tiger Bay area and look around for evidence that can shed light on the drug trade that will be happening there. The evidence that you will be looking for will be in the shape of a Suspicious Box. Exact objectives of this task are mentioned below:


  • Retrieve evidence of drug trade in Tiger Bay and report back to Banshee.
    • Bring evidence back.

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Finding the Evidence

First head out to the Tiger Bay area by taking the JULIET 1, JULIET 2 or JULIET 3 LZ. Once you are there, you need to head to the Mall which is located near Tiger Bay Central North-West Entrance. You can find its exact location from the image below. The coordinates are 198, 129.

Do keep in mind that the area will be swarming with AI enemies so bring out your best gear. Deal with them first so you easily search inside the mall for the evidence.

Location of objective
Location of the Mall where you need to head marked on the Map.

After you get to the side of the Mall where the arrow is pointing (in the image above), you will come across a yellow wall with white spots. It is shown in the image below. Go inside this yellow wall and then go to the room towards the left.

Yellow Wall with white spots
Go through this Yellow Wall with White Spots.

Once you go there, you will come to the area shown below. Here you need to go inside the room on your left.

Go to room on left
Go inside the room on your left (marked with red arrow).

Inside this room, you will find a Suspicious Box on one of the shelves. Go ahead and pick it up. This is the evidence that you require for this task.

Objective item - Gray Zone Warfare: Baked Task Guide
Suspicious Box (evidence).

Turing the Evidence In

Now there are two things you can do with the Suspicions Box. You can give it to Banshee or you can give it to Turncoat. You can only do one of those so choose wisely as it will determine the rewards you get.

If you return back to Banshee and give him the Suspicious Box, your task Baked will be marked completed and your reputation with Banshee will be increased.

However, if you decided to give to Turncoat instead, your task called Narcotic Bargain will be considered completed. This will increase your reputation with Turncoat.

And this is it for this task guide on Baked, I hope it helped you out. If you are the type of player who likes to play solo then I suggest you check out this guide: Gray Zone Warfare: How to Play Solo Guide. It will help you in becoming an unstoppable one man army!


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