Gray Zone Warfare: What Remains Task Guide | Mithras

Time to find out what remains of the experiments!

Gray Zone Warfare: What Remains Task Guide | Mithras

If you are into realistic first person military shooters then Gray Zone Warfare is just that. It was recently released as Early Access on Steam and due to being made in Unreal Engine 5, it has very realistic graphics. Which makes the vast world it offers look very stunning.

This guide will be showing you how you can get the required Key and complete the What Remains task. Keep on reading to learn more.

Task Guide of What Remains | Mithras

The main objective of this task is for you to go to the Tiger Bay area. Once you are there, you need to search for the remains of the experiments that were done on the refugees near the UNLRA camp. These experiments are supposed to hold some important information. Exact objectives of this task are mentioned below:


  • Retrieve samples from the UNLRA camp and report back to Lab Rat.
    • Locate the samples.

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Getting the Lab Key

The first thing you need to do is head over to the Tiger Bay area and you can do so by taking JULIET 1, JULIET 2 or the JULIET 3 landing zone. JULIET 1 is the closest one so take that if you have it unlocked.

Note: If there are still LZs that you have not yet unlocked then check out this guide to get them all once you are done with this quest: Gray Zone Warfare: Where To Unlock LZs.

Once you land, you need to make your way to the area between the UNLRA Container Dorms and UNLRA Headquarters. Your main job here will be to kill AI enemies. One of the AI enemies will spawn with the UNLRA HQ LAB KEY, which is what you will be needing to get the sample data. Just keep dropping AI enemies until you get the Key.

This Key will unlock the door that leads to the UNLRA HQ Lab.

UNLRA Headquarters Lab

Once you are able to acquire the UNLRA HQ Lab Key, head to the area which is marked in the image below.

Location of objective - Gray Zone Warfare: What Remains Task Guide | Mithras
Location of the UNLRA HQ Lab marked on the Map.

After you get there, you will come across the area that is shown in the image below. There is a door on the left side that will be locked. This door leads to the Lab. Use the Key that you got earlier to get it open.

Go inside this door
Door leading to the UNLRA HQ Lab.

Once you get inside the Lab, there will be a fridge at the end of the room. Open the fridge and you will find the Horrific Recordings inside. Go ahead and pick it up.

Item inside Fridge
Horrific Recordings (sample of the experiments).

Once you do, head back to Lab Rat and hand over the Horrific Recordings. This will complete your task.

This is it for this guide on the What Remains task, I hope it helped you out! Now one thing that will help you out a lot in the game is having a good loadout. You never know when you are about to run into a fight. Which is why I suggest you check out this guide to know more about the best items available in the game: Gray Zone Warfare: Max Traders (Lvl 3) & The Best Items They Sell.


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