Gray Zone Warfare: Aye Aye, Captain Quest Guide | Mithras

This is not going to be your typical beach walk.

Gray Zone Warfare: Aye Aye, Captain Quest Guide | Mithras

If you are fan of realistic military simulators, then Gray Zone Warfare will be right up your alley. You not only play against computer enemies in the game but also against other human players which makes things a whole lot more fun. You can find its Early Access version on Steam. This guide will help you with the quest called Aye Aye, Captain and what to expect when completing it. Keep reading to get more information!

Quest Guide of Aye Aye, Captain | Mithras

The main objective of this quest is to scout the end of the pier near Tiger Bay and look for ships. Exact information of this quest is given below:


  • Search for usable ships on water.

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Getting to the End of Pier

The first thing you are going to need to do is head over to the Tiger Bay area. You can take the JULIET 1, JULIET 2 or the JULIET 3 LZ, whichever you have unlocked. However, JULIET 2 is the closest one.

Once you are there, you need to make your way to the end of the Pier which is at the bottom of the UNLRA Refugee Camp. But this is not going to be as easy as it sounds.

That is because the area is swarming with AI enemies, and when I say swarming, I mean a lot of them. I suggest you take a squad with you and complete it together. It is still possible to do it alone but it is going to be very hard and annoying.

The exact point you need to reach is marked in the image below. Coordinates are 201, 130.

Location of Pier
Location of the Pier you need to reach marked on the Map.

Once you are able to get there alive, your quest will be marked completed. The area you will be in should be like the one shown in the image below.

End of Pier
Once you get here, your quest will be done.

And this is it for this short quest guide on Aye Aye, Captain. One of things that you may have noticed while playing the game is that LZs can be very time saving especially if you are moving around a lot. Each main area has 2 or more LZs which you can unlock. Check this guide for all of their locations: Location of All LZs in Gray Zone Warfare.


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