Gray Zone Warfare: Best M4 Builds Guide

Try out these custom builds!

Gray Zone Warfare Best M4 Builds Guide

If the AK is the poster child of Eastern Europe, then the M4 is the poster child of the West. It’s always the two that are battling out in a lot of people’s minds on which is the better rifle. If you’re a fan of the M4, then you’ll need to know how to build it!

In Grey Zone Warfare, you can get yourself an M4 and customize it with different parts. From the barrel to the attachments and scopes, you’ll want to know what the best ones are.

In this guide, we’ll show you two of the best M4 builds in the game. One of them is for engaging enemies in medium range while the other is for a full-auto close-up build. Now, let’s see what these builds are so you can pimp up your gun!

Best M4 Builds Guide

Unlike the older AK platform weapons that you can find with enemies in Gray Zone Warfare, the M4 platform is a bit more versatile. You can get all sorts of attachments for it that can change how the gun handles. Here are a couple of the best builds for the M4 to get you started in weapon modding!

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Mid-Range Build

This first build is more suited in a squad as you use your scope to get headshots. It’s more of a marksman-type build where you hang back and pick off targets like AI with ease. You’ll get a standard M4A1 and put on these attachments:

  • M-Lok 9
  • RK 1 Vertical Grip
  • Nylon Stock
  • SOCOM 3 Prong Flash Hider
  • SOCOM556 RC1 Suppressor
  • Mod Pistol Grip
  • AR-15 16” Barrel
Gray Zone Warfare Long Range M4
You’re going to stack a lot of headshots with this bad boy!

This is a build that makes it very easy to get headshots in to take out targets quickly and to save bullets. You can even full-auto mag dump with this at low to medium range if you need to. It’s best used in mid-range, shooting from cover and doing headshots.

Short-Range Build

For the other build, we’ll have an M4A1 with a shorter-ranged scope that’s ideal for being the frontman. This is great when you want to go full-auto since the handling and recoil control of this build are great. Even with a shorter scope, you can still engage in mid-range if you have to so here are all the parts you’ll need:

  • High Sight Mount
  • T-2 Optic
  • Ultraslim Angled Foregrip (Remove the M-Lok 9 to attach this one)
  • Mod Pistol Grip
  • Nylon Stock
  • SOCOM 3 Prong Flash Hider
  • SOCOM556 RC1 Suppressor
Gray Zone Warfare Short Range M4
This gun is built for short-range but you still do some mid-range potshots if you want!

The build is quite similar to the last one but with a different scope and foregrip. It’s a weapon for the front line and is great for clearing out rooms or tunnels on the map. The scope itself is clear enough that you can still pop headshots at mid-range if need be.

Those are two of the best M4 builds in Gray Zone Warfare. Now, go out there and try to build either of these weapons, or both of them if you have the resources! Did you know that you can find more Landing Zones in the game? Check out our guide on how to find more LZs for more information!


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