Gray Zone Warfare: Complete Healing Guide

Painkillers, Suture Kits, Bandage, and more.

Gray Zone Warfare: Complete Healing Guide

Tactical-FPS game Gray Zone Warfare allows players to use healing items which can be the key to winning certain rounds. Unlike most shooter games, Gray Zone Warfare takes itself seriously when it comes to healing. Most action player-base may find the mechanic slightly convoluted. We’re going to explain how each medical item works and how to use them.

Complete Healing Guide

You’ve noticed that instead of the classic HP meter, the game uses a more realistic mechanic. Think of Green Hell where different problems need specific solutions.

Gray Zone Warfare is a multiplayer game. We’re pointing this out because you can’t carry all of the healing items on you. It’s more likely that each character will carry some of most of these. And it’s also faster to heal your friends than yourself.

Types of Healing Items

There are several types of healing items in the game for various ailments. If you go into Lab Rat, you can go under Medicaments and see 7 types of healing items you can bring with you.

All types of medicines in Gray Zone Warfare.

M-Fak is not a medicine, but a type of storage for your meds. Pressing hotkey H will let you use whatever’s in there instantly.

Let’s get down to what each of the meds does:

  • Bandage. The classic. Simple scratches and grazes only need bandages. They do not help with bruises. They can help with bleeding but the next option is better for the case.
  • M.F.A.T Tourniquet. It’s much faster than bandage when it comes to stopping bleeding.
  • Small blood bag. If your bleeding was profuse and you lost a lot of blood. The blood bag will restore 500ml per use instantly. Blood does regenerates slowly after you stop your bleeding.
  • Painkillers (Meloxicam). This is when your character is Hurt or Coughing. Using the painkiller removes the status.
  • Splint. Splint is great for healing broken bones which can affect your stamina. It’s one of the must-haves for each player since you’d risk losing momentum with the team.
Using splint to fix broken leg in Gray Zone Warfare.
  • Suture Kit. This is for the more serious, internal organ damage and comes in small or bigger, basic surgery kits. Does not work if you’re shot in the head or heart.
  • Charcoal. Removes intoxication.
  • Potassium Iodide. Removes radiation.

How to Use Meds and Heal

To begin, press F on an injured player to pinpoint where the problem is. You’ll get to see what kind of injuries they’re having. Alternatively, if you want a friend to help, you can also go to your status page and figure out what it is.

  • Bleeding severity decides the color of the injuries if you’re shot and the degree goes from light to severe.
  • Light wounds can heal over time.
  • Bruises are purple and heal over time.
  • Damage to organs and bones can be seen on your character’s X-ray.

And here’s the list of medicines you should bring ranked by priorities: Bandage, Tourniquet, Splint, Painkillers, and Suture Kit.

That concludes the healing guide for Gray Zone Warfare! While you are here, check out our guide on all of the other tasks that Mithras players get in Gray Zone Warfare to learn more about your future quests!


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