Gray Zone Warfare: Fresh Meat Task Guide

Careful of the guards around here!

Gray Zone Warfare: Fresh Meat Task Guide

Tactical shooter game Gray Zone Warfare in its Early Access features a lot of small tasks and missions players can do, such as the Fresh Meat mission. It’s very simple and easy to complete, so we’ll show you where and how to do it. Let’s get it done!

Fresh Meat Task Guide

Fresh Meat is a mission to uncover sinister scenes at play in Blue Lagoon by grabbing some intels you need to return to the NPC. To get to Blue Lagoon, head to Kilo 2 and go straight west. It is a lot easier and guarantees you an easier situation to deal with.

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Fresh Meat intel location from Kilo 2.

The long house with red roof here is your target location. Head into this building and be careful with the enemies that might swarm in. Luckily, you can put enemies in chokehold inside the house. Stand on one corner, and you’ll see enemies swarm in from the only two doorways into the house.

House with intel in Blue Lagoon.

Once you’re done with the barrage of enemies, head into the bedroom and find the intel on the table. Grab that and head back to the NPC to finish Fresh Meat mission in Gray Zone Warfare. Another small task in Gray Zone Warfare for Mithras Faction is Fuel Shortage and we’ve also covered it here!


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