Gray Zone Warfare: How To Clear Tiger Bay Center Mall (Best Way To Farm Keys)

No more locked doors will stand in your way.

The keys required for tasks in Gray Zone Warfare tend to be surprisingly rare, particularly in the Tiger Bay area, which is why it’s best to farm for them in hotspots like the Center Mall.

There are dozens of enemies to take out at the mall, each one with a chance of dropping keys required for nearby tasks. What’s more, there’s a simple method to take them out with relative ease.

In this guide, we’ll tell you the best way to farm keys at the Tiger Bay Center Mall!

How To Clear Tiger Bay Center Mall Easily | Best Way To Farm Keys in Tiger Bay

Gray Zone Warfare Promo Shot of a Squad | Gray Zone Warfare: How To Clear Tiger Bay Center Mall (Best Way To Farm Keys)

Before you dive into the wolf den that is Tiger Bay Center Mall, you should make sure to get some of the best gun builds in the game. We highly recommend a versatile mid-range rifle to clear the area, such as the M4 or AKMN. It’s also a good idea to bring grenades, as you can use them to trick enemies into ambushes. When you’re geared up, you should make your way to the Center Mall in Tiger Bay.

Tiger Bay Center Mall entrance in the map

You should try to enter it from the Central South-East Entrance, closest to the Juliet 2 Landing Zone. The entrance’s coordinates are Y: 128, X: 198.

Be careful as you make your way to the mall itself, too. Stick to the bushes as much as possible and watch out for any patrolling hostiles! Enemies in this area are extremely tough.

Entering the Mall

The entrance marked on a screenshot

Once you reach the mall, look for the entrance shown above. Check for any hostiles carefully and go inside when the coast is clear.

Dealing with hostiles

Then, when inside, check your left for any incoming hostiles. They usually rush the entrance you took from that direction, but it’s not guaranteed. When you’re inside and safe, close the door behind you. Listen carefully in case you hear the door opening again, as it might be a hostile chasing you!

The large room with the escalators

Next, look at the large room with the escalator and red line on the floor. Throw a grenade into it and then hide.

Throwing grenade

This will draw the attention of nearby hostiles toward the explosion. While they’re distracted, peek around the corner and take them out quickly. If one of them does notice your actual position, they will rush at you. However, the game’s hostile AI is frankly not very smart so they will just run through the doorway.

Dealing with a peeking hostile

To counter them, just step back a bit to bait them in while you keep aim at the doorway. Be ready to fire as soon as an enemy approaches! When you no longer hear anymore nearby hostiles attempting to rush your position, head into the large room with the escalator.

Display Glass Exploit

Display area marked | Gray Zone Warfare: How To Clear Tiger Bay Center Mall (Best Way To Farm Keys)

Once inside the room, get between the glass panels and manikins to your right. You should be overlooking the mall’s strip. Now, the funny thing here is that the glass seems to be currently glitched. It doesn’t break when you shoot it, and the hostile AIs refuse to shoot you from the other side.

Hiding behind the glass

Essentially, this allows you to just stay in position taking shots at all remaining hostiles until you take them all out!

So, keep taking them out until the area is fully clear, then start looting them all. Considering the large number of hostiles and the ease with which you can take them out, it’s an easy way to farm keys.

Looting a dead hostile

This is particularly useful if you need keys for tasks that are done near Tiger Bay, such as “What Remains”. Do note, however, that Tiger Bay hostiles are unlikely to have keys for far away areas. They’ll mostly only have keys for nearby buildings and chests.

That said, the Tiger Bay part of the map has notoriously low drop chances for keys, which is why this farming method is so helpful despite that. And now you know how to make the most of it!


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