Gray Zone Warfare: It’s in the Water Quest Guide | Mithras

What’s in the water? You don’t want to know, but Lab Rat certainly does.

There are many tasks that will have you fetching all kinds of stuff for the different vendors in Gray Zone Warfare, and It’s in the Water is one of the earlier quests that will have you leaving the starter town of whichever faction you chose. Here is a quick guide on how you can complete it as a member of the Mithras faction, though it should be the same for others as well.

It’s in the Water Quest Guide | Mithras

Upon starting It’s in the Water, don’t forget to take all three of the Sample Collection Kits that Lab Rat sent you (check your messages). If you lose these out in the field, you will have to buy more from Lab Rat if you want to complete this task.

Once you are all geared up and have the necessary number of Sample Collection Kits on hand, head over to the village of Ban Pa. Note that this is going to be more dangerous than the starter town, as hostile players are more likely to be present here too.

Gray Zone Warfare map showing the location of Ban Pa

Collecting Samples in Ban Pa

Upon arriving to Ban Pa, you have to collect a sample from three different locations in no particular order. Head over to the closest one you can reach depending on which entrance you choose.

The rough coordinates for each location will be listed below, along with what exactly you are looking for:

  • A large mound of dirt at the northeast corner of the village – At around (206/207x, 137/138y)
  • A well that has a wooden blue lid and red jerry can on top – Found at around (205/206x, 137/138y)
  • A bloodied bird house – Can be found at around (206x, 136y)
Gray Zone Warfare player approaching all three of the sample sources

In order to collect samples, simply approach each landmark until you get the prompt to press F to do so. Again, you will need a Sample Collection Kit for each spot.

After you have collected samples from all three spots, the task is done. All you need to do from this point is to extract and speak with Lab Rat back at HQ.

Get familiar with this area, as you will be coming back to Ban Pa for various other tasks later on. While you’re here, check out our guide on all of the tasks that Mithras players will get in Gray Zone Warfare and hopefully progress quickly with its help!


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