Gray Zone Warfare: Ripper Task Guide

Uncover a dark truth revolving around kidnapped individuals and shady medical procedures!

Gray Zone Warfare will have you doing tasks in all sorts of dangerous locations in its vast map, and some of these will be swarming with both AI enemies and hostile players. In Ripper, you will be doing recon in one such location, so we hope you are ready to fight your way around the area. This guide will be showing you everything you need to know to complete Ripper.

Ripper Task Guide

For this task, you will be heading over to Tiger Bay, which is one of the areas that you will be visiting a lot in later stages of your career. Specifically, you need to enter a dorm highlighted in the map image below (exact coordinates: 201x, 126y).

Juliet 3 is incredibly close to this location, so if you have that landing zone unlocked, it is advisable for you to choose that as your starting point. Just watch out for enemies as you will be somewhat out in the open.

Gray Zone Warfare map with the quest objective highlighted

One important thing to note is that you first need to find the UNLRA Dorm Container Key. In order to get this, you will need to kill nearby AI enemies until you find it in one of their bodies.

This can take you quite a bit of time, and you might have to server hop in order to find one if you get really unlucky. If somebody else has opened it recently in your server, however, you can just walk right in.

Either way, once the locked door in that location is open, all you need to do is walk around inside until the task updates. After you get a notification stating that it has been completed, just call for extraction and report back to Lab Rat.

Gray Zone Warfare player approaching the highlighted locked door

If you managed to get the UNLRA Dorm Container Key, consider placing it in your safe container if you plan on helping out friends or other faction mates complete this quest later on.

And that is pretty much everything you need to know in order to complete this simple but potentially time-consuming task by Lab Rat. While you are here, consider taking a look at our guide on most of the other tasks in Gray Zone Warfare to see what else there is to do here in Tiger Bay.


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