Gray Zone Warfare: Seeker of Change Task Guide | Mithras

Time to learn more about ground zero, this time from fallen enemies

There is a lot of backtracking to be done when it comes to the quests given to you in the new extraction shooter Gray Zone Warfare. By the time you get the Seeker of Change task from Lab Rat, you will have gone to the same place several times by now. In this guide, we will show you all the steps you need to follow in order to finish this relatively simple quest.

Seeker of Change Task Guide | Mithras

Before we begin, it should be noted that the steps for this quest will be the exact same for each faction, despite the guide having the Mithras label. The only advantage that members of Mithras Security System has here is that the objective will be closer to their base.

Upon accepting the Seeker of Change task, do not forget to grab the sample collection kit that Lab Rat will send to your inbox. This is the sole requirement for this quest, and you need to have it with you to finish it.

Leave some space in your safe container so that you don’t lose it in the event that you die. Otherwise, you will have to buy a new one from her.

Once you are all geared up and have the sample collection kit on hand, head over to the northwesternmost barracks at Fort Narith. The exact location (coordinates 141x, 132y) will be highlighted in the map image below.

Gray Zone Warfare map showing the exact location of the objective

Upon making it to the marked building, search for the room labeled “C 110” with a bloodied stretcher leaning right beside the door.

In this room, you will notice that the bottom part of the bunk bed is full of blood. Simply approach the bed and interact with it to collect samples. If you did not forget to bring the collection kit with you, the task should now be completed.

All you need to do now is leave the fort and call for extraction. You probably don’t need to actually bring the sample back to Lab Rat, so just report back to her if or when you make it back to HQ.

Gray Zone Warfare player about to collect samples from the bed

The only thing to really keep in mind when doing this mission is to be extra vigilant, as the AI enemies in this zone are particularly well-equipped and can give you a hard time if your loadout is a bit lacking.

And that is everything that you need to know in order to complete this simple sample collection mission from Lab Rat. While you’re here, consider checking out our guide on all of the other tasks in Gray Zone Warfare to get an idea of what your next few quests will be like.


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