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Back to the Pha Lang Airfield again with this one!

In Gray Zone Warfare, you take on the role of a soldier who must fulfill all quests and tasks that are assigned to them. You’ll be given these tasks from the different vendors and NPCS in a variety of maps. In particular, there are many tasks to complete when you are on the Mithras map.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at one of the tasks on this map. This is the Skycrawlers Task that can get a bit confusing because you have to go to a particular location. We’ll be showing you exactly how you can complete this short task. Let’s get into it!

Skycrawlers Task Guide

When you’re on the Mithras map, you can find many tasks listed out in your mission log. Completing all of this is useful as you’ll be able to progress through the different NPCs and Vendors – unlocking more items to buy. Check out our All Mithras Quests guide, so you can complete all of them.

With that said, we’ll be looking at how you can complete the Skycrawlers Task in this guide. Here are the steps you need to complete this task in Gray Zone Warfare on the Mithras map:

  1. Head to the Pha Lang Airfield on the Mithras Map
  2. Go to the Remote Hangar (small hangar) in Pha Lang Airfield
  3. Enter through the double green gates on one of the buildings to complete the quest.

Skycrawlers Task Location

The first thing you’ll need to do in Gray Zone Warfare for the Skycrawlers Task is to go to the correct location. So, you’ll need to open up the Mithras map when you’re in game. After that, locate the Pha Lang Airfield label. Below is an image where you should be able to find it.

Pha Lang Airfield on map in Gray Zone Warfare.

If you zoom in on the Pha Lang Airfield, you’ll see that there are two hangars. Both of these hangars are across from each other, with one being smaller than the others.

You’ll be heading to the smaller hangar i.e. the Remote Hangar for the Skycrawlers Task. We recommend that you spawn at the Golf 2 LZ and navigate through the trees. This will allow you to get to the remote hangar from the back.

The exact coordinates of the Remote Hangar in Gray Zone Warfare are: 182 Latitude 156 Longitude.

Remote Hangar in Gray Zone Warfare.

This is useful because there are typically around 5 AI enemies waiting for you at the Remote Hangar. So, make sure that you take all of them out before you proceed with the next objectives of this Task. We have a Best Build Weapons guide that we strongly suggest you try out. You’ll be able to take out any enemies that you want with simply Level 2 Vendors.

Dead enemies in Remote Hangar in Gray Zone Warfare.

Locate the Double Green Gates

Once you’ve cleared out all the enemies in the Remote Hangar on the Mithras map, you’re free to survey the area. Don’t worry, the Skycrawlers Task is almost over!

When you’re in the Remote Hangar, look towards the small buildings that you can see. There will be one that will have two green double gates that are slightly open. Below is an image which shows the exact building you should be looking out for.

Remote Hangar Green Gate in Gray Zone Warfare.

Enter through Double Green Gates (Drug Trade Proof)

Your main objective with the Skycrawlers Task is to find proof of the drug trade. So, all you need to do is go through the Double Green Gates that we look at above.

Once you go through, you’ll come into a room that has some drug equipment around. At the same time, your main objective will automatically be completed since you’ve found proof of the drug trade. Now, all you need to do is turn in the quest and you’re done!

Drug Lab in Gray Zone Warfare.

That’s everything you need to know about completing the Skycrawlers Task on the Mithras map in Gray Zone Warfare. Quite a simple task all things considered. However, there’s yet more to the Skycrawlers task saga. Check out our Skycrawlers II Task guide to see exactly how you can complete the next quest!


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