Gray Zone Warfare: Who’s In Charge Task Guide

Help Turncoat with his intel business, get a sweet new rifle.

Turncoat complains that he doesn’t know who the new commander at Fort Narith is, so he gives you the “Who’s In Charge” task in Gray Zone Warfare.

After all, Turncoat is an informant. What good is an informant without information, right? So, go get him a folder detailing who the new commander is and he’ll pay you for your efforts!

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find all the deets on the new commander so you can help out your good pal Turncoat.

Who’s In Charge | GZW Task Guide

Map | Gray Zone Warfare: Who's In Charge Task Guide

For this task, you need to retrieve intel from Fort Narith’s Headquarters building. Its exact coordinates on the map are Y: 129, X: 143.

Enter the building and make your way to the central lobby. If you entered the building through its front entrance on the northeast side, you’ll be right in the lobby as soon as you go in.

Stairs and bust

You should see a bust of a man as well as a pair of stairs going up. Take the stairs all the way up to the third floor of the building.

Office and mural

Once you reach the third floor, you should a mural of a soldier in front of you. Take the rightmost door that’s closest to the mural, which we marked in the image above.

Adjacent office entrance

You should now be in a small office. Take the right exit to the adjacent office here.

As soon as you enter the adjacent office, check the small bookshelf by the window to your left.

You should notice a beige folder atop the bookshelf, labeled as the “Commander Details Folder”. Pick it up and you’re done here!

Commander Details Folder  | Gray Zone Warfare: Who's In Charge Task Guide

All that’s left is to return to base with the folder in your possession and deliver it to Turncoat. To reward your efforts, Turncoat will give you the following:

  • AK-74M Assault Rifle
  • 2000 Experience
  • 200 Reputation with Turncoat

Although you’re done with this task, is a good idea to try completing other tasks in the area. Most notably, the “A Small Favor” and “No Escape” tasks take place in the exact same building. If you already did those, though, feel free to check out our all-encompassing guide on all tasks in Grey Zone Warfare instead. Good luck out there, soldier!


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