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Halo Infinite: All 12 Hidden Skull Locations | Catacomb Achievement

Where To Find All 12 Hidden Skulls

It can be said that the collection of Skull is traditionally known in the Halo Games. Specifically, Skull is a well-known collective in Halo Games. Because there are so many, it’s hard to find them all.

All 12 Hidden Skull Locations | Catacomb Achievement Halo Infinite

 Now, each skull has a special purpose, and you need to find each skull to advance in the game. The problem is that the skulls are quite hidden and not easy to find.

Below you will have a list of all 12 Hidden Skulls in Halo Infinite Campaign Mode.

1.Boom Hidden Skull

This skull located in Warship Gbraakon can be found in the red and silver long hallway that has two levels.

Using the grappler, climb to the upper level in the middle of the hallway, and on the left side, you will see an elevator. Get on the elevator with your grappler.

Turn right and you will see the light of the Skull shining in blue color. Now all you have to do is jump on the platform in front of you where the Skull is and just collect it.

2. Cowbell Hidden Skull

Next we have the Cowbell Skull location. Where can you find it. You start finding this collectible when you see children who are in the form of ghosts. 

Then follow the checkpoints until you come across a box-shaped window. To take the Skull use the grappler to climb to the ceiling and here you will find the Skull.

3. Catch Skull

North of Zeta Halo near the small lake in a tree stump is located the Catch Skull. Basiclly is’t inside a helmets belonging to UNSC soldiers.

4. Mythic Skull

When you come across a room with a hexagonal floating cylinder object then you are near this skull. Climb the cylinder and climb with the grappler until you find the secret room where the skull is located.

5. Grunt Birthday Party Skull

When you cross the bridge to the central landing slope you will come across a panel that will create a new bridge.

Click on it and then use the grapple to reach the door that has no bridge. When you get here you will find Power Seed.

Power Seed should be taken to the door of the place where you started. Here you will find a compartment for Power Seed.

Then you will come across a room that you have in the picture. Head to the two major columns. And here you will find the Skull.

6. Bandana Skull

Get to the room with flying robots namely Sentinel enemies. Do not kill them and try to reach the room where you need to activate two bridges. 

Do not go in the direction of the checkpoint, go to the room in front of you which will be unlocked if you do not kill the Sentinels.

7. IWHBYD Skull

This Skull is located in the north central part of the map. You can find the school at the top of the tower. If you have an upgraded grapple you can easily climb the tower.

8. Fog Skull

At the place where the Foundations mission took place, on the southeast edge of the map is the Fog Skull.

9. Blind Skull

The Blind Skull is located south of the tower. Go down with the grapple and use the radar to find the Skull.

10. Thunderstorm Skull

At the top of a tall column sits this Skull, located at the easternmost point of the Banished AA gun. Use the grappler to climb your way up.

11. Black Eye Skull

South of the mountainous area behind the waterfall, more precisely in the waterfall is this skull.

12. Famine Skull

On the easternmost island is the Famine Skull. This is one of the easiest to find.

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