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Halo Infinite: All 7 Evacuation Spartan Audio Log Locations

Collect all the Spartan Audio Logs!

There are various Audio Logs that you can find in Halo Infinite. One of the Audio Logs you can find is the Spartan Audio Logs. This guide will show you the location of all 7 Spartan Audio Log Locations in the Evacuation Site. 

Evacuation Spartan Audio Log Locations

While you are trying to locate the bridge in the warship, you will see an elevator. The 1st Spartan Audio Log is on the ground after coming out of the elevator. In the Fob Golf, get out of the structure and go to your left, you will find the 2nd Audio Log near a barrel. 

Go to Fob Foxtrot and head towards the cliff to your left. Drop down the cliff to get the 3rd Audio Log. Head to the east of the Boxer Squad to find the 4th Audio Log in the middle of a campsite. You can find the 5th Audio Log underneath a ramp near the Starlight Squad. 

Head to the east on the Mjolnir Armory and you will find the 6th Audio Log on top of the pillar near the cliff. The last Audio Log is in the middle of the mountain on the map as shown above, next to a gun. 

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