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Halo Infinite: Graveyards All Collectibles Locations

Find Every Graveyards Collectibles Locations

There are a number of collectibles that are difficult to find on the map purely because of the size of the open world. The locations of all of them will be listed below.

Graveyards All Collectibles Locations Halo Infinite

1. First we have Mjolnir Locker this one is easy and it can be found near the West AA Gun.

2. Banished Audio Log is separated into three parts 

Near the East AA gun, there’s a small building located left before the road. Inside you’ll find this Audio Log Go inside the building, get down the tunnel and you will find the audio log in the path

You can find it Inside the Northern Beacon. Go inside the building, head yourself down the tunnel and you will find the audio log in front of you.

From the West AA gun head South and look for the buildings away from the gun. Find the building with multiple levels to the right with roof access. You will find the audio log on a table inside.

You can find this collectible in the southwestern Beacon. You will need to enter the building and, get down the tunnel, on the path you will find the audio log.

3. Next we have the Spartan Core

The first spartan core is very easy to find. It’s harder to miss than to find. You can find him right, after the fight with the first boss Termonius. 

Go to the top floor of the tower using the elevator, then go a few steps forward and, you will find the crate.

When you see the cut scene with Eco 216 it means that you are close to the second location

Before entering the boat, jump to the ground below. On the right, you will see a crate with weapons, and here you will find this collectible.

At the location where you found the first Spartan core, go around and stick to the left. Here you will find a passage next to the wrecked boat and the trees you will find a rifle, here you will find the third Spartan core.

You will find the fourth Spartan core after catching FOB Golf, head south, to the west side of the mountain with pillars on the west side of the island. 

Here you will encounter many enemies from which you will have to defend yourself. Move to the end of the earth. Here you will see the crate.

The last collectible is near the former Spartan Core in the Ramson Keep enemy base. When you attack the base, destroy all silos. 

Then go right along the bridge that connects to another section. In the pile of crates, you will see the Spartan core.

3. UNSC Audio Log

To find the first audio log, namely Debrief, from the crashed pelican go east on the road when you see the collapsed spaceship on the left you will find the Audio Log on the ground.

Just like the last Audio log, now head left from the crashed Pelican east to the wreckage. Climb on it and go to the left-wing. Here you will find the second audio log.

For Reverie’s End, north of the ruined Pelican, you will find another wreckage. Climb it and you will find the third audio log

Go to the East AA gun and go left at the sniper nest. Walk along the path behind the nest and you will find a cave with a crashed pelican on it. In the pelican is the fourth Audio log.

And for the last Audio log finding is easy, climb to the top of the mountain located west of the Northern AA Gun, here is the audio log.

With that, we have the locations of all Graveyard’s Collectibles.

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