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Halo Infinite: All 8 Retaliation Spartan Audio Logs

Get all Spartan Audio Logs in Retaliation!

There are no indicators on the map for the Spartan Audio Log collectibles, making them hard to find.  There are a total of 8 Spartan Audio Logs in Retaliation. This guide will show you all the locations of the 8 Spartan Audio Logs.

Retaliation Spartan Audio Logs Locations

The 1st Audio Log is near Pelican Down, go inside the building to your south. You can find the Audio Log in the small gap near the wall. From here, go east until you reach a small lake to find the 2nd Audio log next to the wreckage. 

Go near the Spartan Core to the east to find the 3rd Audio Log next to some guns. You will find the 4th Audio Log to the northwest of Pelican Down, on top of the mountain. From Riven Gate, go northeast to find the 5th Audio Log next to a dead soldier. 

Head to the south of Fob November and you can find the 6th Audio Log near the lake. The 7th Audio Log is near Black Eye, on top of a sleeping mat. You can find the last Audio Log near Fob Lima, next to a tree.

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