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Halo Infinite: Foundation All Collectibles Locations

Where To Find All Collectibles Locations

Тhe Foundation mission is the second mission in Halo Infinite and the second mission in the game overall, where you discover some more revelations about the game’s story and characters. Here you can find the list of collectibles you can find foundation all collectibles locations. More precisely the exact locations of all collectibles.

Foundation All Collectibles Locations Halo Infinite

  1. First we have the Cowbell Skull location. Where can you find it. You start finding this collectible when you see children who are in the form of ghosts. 

Then follow the checkpoints until you come across a box-shaped window. To take the Skull use the grappler to climb to the ceiling and here you will find the Skull.

  1. Banished Audio Log. This collectible is easy to find. It is located next to the main doors. Here you will also need a grappler to climb an obstacle to the door.
  1. USNC Audio Log – Recovered Files. This collectible is automatically given to you as part of the story.

In terms of the UNSC Audio Log – Not My Fault location. This collectible can be found near the elevator power cell, it lies on the floor next to the power cell. This collectible can be found at the end of the mission.

I should mention that the locations of the collectibles are sorted as they appear in the mission, with the same schedule.

With this, we passed Foundation All Collectibles Locations. I hope you find this guide useful.

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