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Halo Infinite: The Tower Skull Location

How To Find The Skull Location

It can be said that the collection of Skull is traditionally known in the Halo Games. Specifically. Skull is a well-known collective in Halo Games. One of the Skulls you need to collect in the early game is related to the Tower mission.

The Tower Skull Location Halo Infinite

Let’s move on to how to find the Scale. Let me first point out that it is desirable to have a Grapple Shot upgraded as much as possible. It would be nicer to have the Quick shot upgrade.

The location is quite simple. The ladder is located at the top of the tower. Specifically in the middle when you climb the building, between piles of metal boxes.

Finding the location of the Skull is not difficult, much harder it is to climb the tower itself.

That’s why you need the Quickshot upgrade because when you start climbing the tower you will need the shorter cooldown period of the Grapple Shot.

Manage your way to climb the tower. Try the shortest route. Of course, the grapple will be very useful.

Here we have a short guide:

  1. First climb yourself on top of the large pillars in front of you. When you climb here just go straight.
  1. When you get to the round bumps, climb on them using the grapple.
  1. Then climb on the pillars that support the roof. When you get on them just stop there to aim for the next target.
  1. You will need to make the next step quickly. Climb the sharp edges that hang from the roof and then quickly use the grapple to climb to the top of the tower.
  1. When you climb the tower just move straight to the middle of the tower and here you will find the skull between the metal boxes.

That’s all you need to do to find the Skull. I hope this guide will help you find The Tower Skull Location.

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