Halo Infinite: Warship Gbraakon Escape to the Pelican Guide

Complete the mission Warship Gbraakon!

After destroying the Warship, it begins to crumble and you need to find your way out of the ship before it collapses. This guide will show you how to navigate the ship while avoiding enemies to escape to the Pelican in time. 

How to Escape to the Pelican

As you begin the mission, run to the left and head towards the left door. When you reach the first fork, go to your right and through the door. 

Keep heading north until you reach a half-open door. Crouch to enter and there will be a couple of grunts inside. 

Jump over the boxes and follow this hall until you reach another set of doors to your right. You will enter a room filled with toxic goo. 

Go to your right and use the small ledge here to jump over the goo and jump down to the elevator. It will go down halfway and you have to crouch again to get to the next area. 

You will see a series of doors to your left so enter them. Go to your left and jump over to the broken platforms until you reach a building. 

Keep following this path, jumping from building to building until you reach the building that collapses. Jump down on the platform below and keep going north until you reach a dead end.

Jump down again and the quest marker will tell you to go forward but look to your left and you will see chains. One of the buildings has an open roof so jump down inside it.

Go towards the quest marker to the open building. Follow the hallway to the north until you encounter a cutscene, finishing the mission.

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