House Of Ashes: Let Me Have A Go! Trophy | Achievement Guide

Get that UV Light on!

A group of militants falls into the underground, and what they face is a group of mysterious monsters, living in an ancient temple. Before the fall, Eric has prepared a lot of equipment, including a UV light, which may be helpful to defeat the monsters in the dark. 

During The Fall

After falling into the underground, make sure you are successful in the quick-time events as Salim faces off the monster so he can learn about its weakness to sunlight. When you get to the truce where Salim and Nick join forces to kill the monster, execute the quick-time events correctly as well.

During The Assault

In the Assault chapter, shoot the monster attacking Rachel and then choose to save Eric. This will make Rachel kill the monsters using UV light. In the Vault chapter, if you have enough friendship level with Eric, he will give Nick the UV Light. 

While Nick is planting the charges, make him fail the first quick-time event and then choose to retreat. Miss the second batch of quick-time events to make Nick kill the monster using the UV light. After this, you will get the trophy “Let Me Have A Go!”

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