House Of Ashes: Lost In Time Trophy | Achievement Guide

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As Rachel gets infected by the monsters, the group is desperately trying to find a solution to the problem. The choices you make will affect the outcome of the game drastically. This guide will teach you how you can get the “Lost in Time” trophy in the game. 

Weakness to sunlight

After falling into the underground, you should first fail the quick-time events as Salim when he is faced with the monster. This way, he will not learn about the weakness of the monster in the sunlight and he will get rescued by the militants instead. 

As Rachel

As Rachel in the Strange Aeons chapter, do not hit the WP with your knife. In the dialogue sequence, choose the desperate option three times, until the group talks about putting you in a cocoon to slow the aging process of your body. 

In the Final Stand where each character faces off with the monster, make sure to fail all the quick-time events for each character. Doing so will make everyone die. Once everyone dies, no one will be able to rescue Rachel from her cocoon. Play through the game until the end credits and you will see two laboratory researchers talking about Rachel. After this, the game will give you the Lost In Time Trophy as a reward.

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