House Of Ashes: Heart To Heart Trophy | Achievement Guide

Straight to the Heart!

As the militants wander the  Sumerian temple, they discover more mysteries about the monsters underground. Investigating your surroundings can give you insight into possible endings and give you items that will save you during a pinch. 

Bloodbath Choices

During the Bloodbath chapter where Nick and Jason are wandering around the temple, go through the door and investigate the corpse to your left. Move your camera up while investigating the corpse and you will see that it has a stake through the heart. After getting the stake, choose the Dismissive option and say that “I’ll stick to the rifle”.  This option will make Jason give the stake to Nick. 

The Vault Choices

In the Vault chapter, while you are playing as Nick, you have the option to advance or retreat. Choose to advance and this will increase your Aggressive trait. You will encounter Balathu, the ancient soldier in this area. 

Nick will have to fight him and you need to execute all the quick-time events correctly. After a few quick-time events, Nick will use the stake to pierce Balathu through the heart. After killing the ancient soldier, you will get the “Heart to Heart” trophy. 

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