House Of Ashes: Until Death Do Us Part Trophy | Achievement Guide

A romantic ending for the lovers?

Tension and betrayal are incredibly rampant in the House of Ashes. With Rachel hiding a long-term relationship with Nick from her husband Eric, things took a turn for the worse. This is how you can get the Until Death Do Us Part Trophy in the game. 

Strange Aeons Choices

In the Strange Aeons chapter, when Rachel is about to hit the WP with a knife, do nothing and avoid hitting the WP. When Jason is about to shoot Rachel, choose the Desperate option and say “Don’t do it!”.Choose the desperate option again and say “It’s me, Jason!”. And finally, choose the Resistant option and say “I’m not being cocooned!”.

Until Death Do Us Part

After the dialogue, play through the game and make sure Eric and Nick survive. When you are trying to escape, Rachel will attack both Eric and Nick. You can fail or execute the quick-time events properly, it will not make any difference to the outcome. 

Executing the quick-time events correctly will make Rachel fall into the cave. Once the sequence is over, you will get the trophy called “Until Death Do Us Part”. 

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