Icarus: How To Repair Shelter

How You Can Repair Your Shelter

For shelter nausea in Icarus, you may need a lot of resources and time that are not easily available in the game. The realistic part of the game is that the shelter can be destroyed by a storm. So below you have a guide for fixing it.

How To Repair Shelter Icarus

All you need is a wooden hammer. I hope you have smashed the hammer into the tech tree by now. 

All you have to do is press on the destroyed area and hold on. It may be a little harder to find the right place to fix it but still when you find the right place just hold on to it until it fixes. 

Repeat the procedure for all parts that have been destroyed by the storm.

That’s all you need to do to fix the shelter. Do not ask me why a researcher who came with sophisticated equipment to explore another planet is in danger of a simple storm that could destroy his shelter. 

We can say that some things are a bit confusing but we still have to deal with what we have.

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