Icarus: How To Increase Inventory Size

Have Bigger Inventory Size

Crafting for survival, missions with limited time to complete, hunting, searching for non-numerous water sources, and many other challenges make this a great combination of RPG survival Sci-Fi game called Icarus.

How To Increase Inventory Size Icarus

In almost every game the size of your inventory is essential, the more things you can put in it the better of course. There are two things in this game that you can do to increase the inventory space visibly. 

So how can you do that in Icarus? You will simply need a backpack first. To make a backpack you must have a textile bench. To do all this you must be tier 3 in the tech tree. 

You need rope, leather, and fiber for the backpack. It’s pretty easy to work with.

When you make a backpack then your inventory space will be increased. There is a second option that you should use for increased space in the inventory.

Go to Talents and pick up Mobile Stockpile. This will increase the carrying capacity of stone wood and ores by 20 percent.

When you do this you should not have a problem with the size of your inventory, it simply increases the capacity and makes the game easier to play.

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