Icarus: How To Skin A Buffalo

Skin a Buffalo successfully!

There are various animals in Icarus and you can skin them for their materials. Animals like Bears and Wolves can be dangerous if you are not prepared. Skinning Animals can also give you extra Experience afterward. This guide will show you how you can defeat and skin a Buffalo for its materials. 

How to Skin A Buffalo

Unlike a normal wolf, skinning a Buffalo can be difficult. If you try to skin the buffalo using a normal stone knife, it would not work. Instead, you are going to need an Iron Knife in order to successfully skin a buffalo after defeating it.

How to Craft an Iron Knife

To craft the Iron Knife, you need to go to the Tech Tree menu. After opening the menu, click on the tier tree tab and you can find it next to the Steel Axe equipment. You have to make a Crafting Bench first.

After making a Crafting Bench, you have to make an Anvil Bench and you can unlock the Iron Knife. You are also going to need Iron Ingots to craft the Iron Knife and you will need the Stone Furnace for that. 

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