Icarus: How To Make Steel

It is time to craft some steel ingots!

There are a lot of resources in Icarus. Steel Ingot is one of the necessary resources in Icarus. This resource is used in upgrading your tools like the Steel Pickaxe. This guide will show you how you can make steel in Icarus.

How to Make Steel — Icarus

Before you can make steel, you need to know a few things in the Tech Tree first. Go ahead and go to the Tech tree menu and select Tier 2.

You need to learn the Mortar and Pestle blueprint to make the Steel Bloom. After reaching level 20, you need to get both the Cement Mixer and Concrete furnace. Place your mortar and pestle and interact with it.

Craft a Steel Bloom for 3 Iron ingots and 1 Coal Ore. You can then craft a Cement Mixer in the Machining Bench for 50 Wood, 40 Stone, 20 Iron ingots, 8 Rope, and 8 Iron Nail. Once you have a cement mixer, you can craft a Concrete Furnace.

Put the Steel Bloom that you created earlier into the Concrete Furnace and within a few seconds, you will get a Steel Ingot.

And there you have it, that is how you transform Steel Blooms into Steel Ingots.

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