King’s Bounty 2: How To Complete The Scryer’s Trial Kaisar

Use your dragon to its full potential!

King’s Bounty 2 has some trials that could be called nothing but impossible. Most of them have a difficulty that’s through the roof and, most of the time, you’ll spend hours trying to beat them using the premade team you’re given. Luckly, the Kaisar fight in the Scryer’s Trial is one of the easiest fights there are in these trials. Even the game will  say that your enemies are slightly weaker, so the battle should be easy enough. One of the problems is that it could very quickly go wrong, if you make some simple mistakes. Here is how to avoid them:

How To Complete The Scryer’s Trial Kaisar – King’s Bounty 2

You will have a total of 5 units for this battle, 4 that are cannon fodder and a Red Dragon. The dragon will be your truly important weapon. If he’s defeated, you might as well give up.

The dragon has an attack that’s called Wall of Fire and it can destroy almost all enemies in a straight line in one shot.

To make sure your enemies will give you the perfect circumstances to end them, you should position your troops something like this:

If you position them like this, you’ll get most of the enemies in a line, trying to fight you. Before you use the Wall of Fire, you should buff your dragon with Inner Flame.

This will make him deal critical hits, which will make him into an unstoppable force.

When you have around 3-4 enemies in a line in front of your troops, use Wall of Fire, choosing the place furthest away to land, to kill almost all of them instantly.

After that, the battle will be a cakewalk. You can do whatever you want, you won’t be able to lose, as long as you don’t lose your dragon.

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